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Products & Services

Jones Print Technology supplies steel or aluminum frames with size to suit your personal applications.

Remesh Service
Jones (Brothers) Print Technology

We provide a full remesh and meshing service. Call us and we will recommend the best mesh for your personal application.

Screen Coaters
Jones (Brothers) Print Technology

Our aluminum screen coaters make applying emulsions smoothly an easy task. Buy from us today to make your tedious task an easy one. Our screen coaters provide smooth coating with sizes made to order.

Jones (Brothers) Print Technology

We provide high quality squeegees, squeegee blades. Selecting a squeegee is not an easy job. As a printer you must take into consideration all the necessary parameters. We supply squeegees for all screen printing applications.

Screen Printing Inks
Jones (Brothers) Print Technology

Our screen printing inks cater to a wide range of applications from graphics to textiles and industrial uses and this is reflected in the choice of inks that are available with us. You can choose between solvent, water based or plastisol inks as per your needs.