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About Jones (Brothers) Print Technology

Jones (Brothers) Print Technology

Expertise, experience and customer focus has been the motto of Jones Print Technology for over 3 decades. Ask any customer in Australia and they would vouch for us, our services. Jones Print Technology has established itself as a reputable supplier of some of the world's most popular screen printing products.

Working very closely with suppliers based in Australia as well as those based overseas, Jones Print Technology team sources products to supply its large pool of clients with a range of screen printing supplies suitable for apparel and promotional items that can meet all branding and design needs..

Deploying the latest technology, all jobs, big or small, are printed using inks that are at best quality with great colour reproduction. We also have a simple easy-to-use online ordering system that enables our clients to provide their job requirements in a quick manner. Our team ensures that every order is received, printed and delivered as per the deadlines set.

Our primary focus is on customer service, excellent quality and price guarantee and when you shortlist Jones Print Technology you are working with a firm which is renowned in Australian circles for achieving the best results for their clients.

Our services range includes:

  • Ink Adhesion Testing
  • New and remesh screens
  • Emulsions
  • Squeegees
  • Screen Printing Inks and chemicals
  • Stencil cleaning and exposures
Jones (Brothers) Print Technology

Screen printing machinery is taking screen printing to a new level. With the right machines you can screen print just about anything and in any shape as you desire. Screen printing is used on flat surfaces such as printing apparels and posters and is also common way to print for small quantity run. Screen printing is an art. The materials are easy and affordable to find. Among all printing processes available screen printing is considered to be the most versatile one. Screen printing which is used in commercial purposes involves the production of a number of alphabets at fast pace. For work which requires detailed graphics, screen printing is used. Screen printing is normally used in flat or relatively flat surface printing.

Stencil cleaning is required for flawless printing. For many it is a maintenance job. Stencils are often cleaned before returning them to inventory. With a reported 70% of assembly defects originating from printing process concern over stencil cleanliness gained traction. Stencil cleaning technologies started gaining more considerations.

Exposure in screen printing comes to the picture once the emulsion has been coated on the mesh and dried. The objective of exposure is to penetrate the photostencil material all the way through to the mesh to ensure hardening around the filaments and thus obtain good stencil adhesion while accurately reproducing the detail on the film positive.